Ministry of Milk® Infant Nursing Pillow Gray
Ministry of Milk® Infant Nursing Pillow Gray
Ministry of Milk® Infant Nursing Pillow Gray
Ministry of Milk® Infant Nursing Pillow Gray

Ministry of Milk® Infant Nursing Pillow Gray

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Prevent flat head syndrome and cradle your newborn gently in our plush MoM signature Infant Nursing Pillow!

Loved by new mommies, this thoughtfully designed newborn nursing cushion aids in cradling your baby comfortably while breastfeeding or bottle feeding.  Feels warm and cozy against the skin, our luxurious baby feeding cushion promotes deep sleep.

Anatomically Shaped Infant Pillow
Shaped anatomically to offer perfect support to your newborns head and neck to prevent flat head syndrome (Positional Plagiocephaly). By providing perfect feeding aid, it also promotes development of the baby's cervical vertebra and skull.

Practical Feeding Aid
The pillow offers support anywhere and anytime for mothers' arms when feeding the baby, and can reduce the pressure to make the baby feel more comfortable. Perfect to hold the baby in a comfortable position when in plane, car, or home.

Gift for New Moms
Most new Mom-to-be aren’t familiar with flat head syndrome and the nursing challenges; this plush nursing pillow will be a boon in disguise on her baby shower.

  • Premium cotton
  • ultra-compact
  • travel-friendly
  • Easy to wash
Hypo allergenic velvet mico fibre
Length: 9” / 23cm
Height: 7.5” / 19cm
Thickness 1.5” / 4cm
Machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius
Do not tumble dry

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Why choose Ministry of milk?

Made with love

Ministry of Milk is made by moms for moms.
Our nursing covers are handmade with quality materials by talented craftwomen.

100% Vegan

We only use animal-free materials.
Our mission is to deliver the most ethical made and junk-free products possible.